Vicki Croston, daughter of Rose “Rosie” Monroe, interviewed today!

We had the great pleasure to meet and interview Vicki Croston today. She is the daughter of Rose Will Monroe who was an employee at Willow Run during the war and can lay claim to being one of the original “Rosie the Riveter”s. Vicki shared some wonderful stories about her mother – a single mom, coming from Kentucky to work at Willow Run from 1942 to 1944, where she was discovered by actor Walter Pigeon, and eventually starred with him in several wartime films. Watch for clips of Vicki’s interview coming soon!


2 thoughts on “Vicki Croston, daughter of Rose “Rosie” Monroe, interviewed today!

  1. Hi! I heard about the documentary and I am SOOO excited!! If there is any way I could possibly help, Just let me know! (I could hand out fliers for donations or whatever!) (I could also do something on the set if u need the help!!! I love acting and whatever… so if u need it!!!!!!) THIS IS SOO NEAT! I LOVE DOCUMENTARIES!

    ~KayleighAnne Stanton

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    • Thanks KayleighAnne! I will definitely keep you in mind when production gears up. We are still trying to raise funds to get the project fully launched. Meanwhile you can help by sending potential givers to the DONATION page.
      David Peterson


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