WWII Production Miracle

Willow Run is the legendary B-24 bomber plant near Ypsilanti, Michigan, which was a focal point of the Arsenal of Democracy during WWII. The Yankee Air Museum is proud to present this documentary, produced by Stone Bridge Productions, to preserve the memory of those heroic women and men – workers, visionaries, and innovators – who served there at the Home Front from early in 1941 until the war ended in 1945. By the end of those four years Willow Run delivered 8,685 B-24 “Liberator” Bombers to the Allied forces and the war effort. This documentary will tell the intriguing story of the plant’s inception, design, building, staffing and worker housing – recalling both successes and failures along the way. Even against great odds, Willow Run achieved Charles Sorensen’s audacious goal of building a bomber per hour, and became an epicenter of the American production miracle that led to the defeat of Nazi Germany.


The Willow Run documentary began production in 2015, collecting hundred of archival images and capturing several interviews on camera. We will continue as funding becomes available, with the goal of having a finished film when the new museum opens. This film will be screened at national film festivals and broadcast on regional and national PBS stations. Yankee Air Museum is raising funds to have this project produced by an award-winning team of filmmakers. To learn about how you can support this project, and telling of this story, visit THIS PAGE. To give a TAX DEDUCTIBLE donation you may go directly to the ONLINE DONATION PAGE. In 2020 Yankee Air Museum is scheduled to move from its present location, across the airport, into a portion of the original Willow Run plant (seen in the photo above). When they move into their new home they will also take on their new name – National Museum of Aviation and Technology.

A short teaser of the documentary can be seen HERE.